Melissa Di Natale

> Right now in my Frame documents I have no blank pages (I have it set
> that any empty pages are deleted). But when I convert in Webworks for
> online help I'm getting a blank page at the end of every chapter. Does
> anybody know how to get rid of this? I'm wondering if it's because I
> have Frame set to be double sided for when it's printed.

Since WebWorks doesn't do anything to your FM files (except read them),
I assume these blank pages are in the MIF files that WebWorks creates in
the project's Temp folder. So why do you care about their pagination? 

If those "blank" pages are really empty, they have zero effect on the
help output and are completely irrelevant. You shouldn't even be aware
of them, since you shouldn't be doing anything manually with those MIF

Maybe I'm not understanding the issue. :-}


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