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>I am using Frame 8 on Windows XP. In the past week I've noticed that
>I'm unable to type apostrophes or quotation marks. All I get when I
>type that character is a question mark where the apostrophe should be.
>I've tried different fonts to no avail. Any idea what could be causing

Yes.  With Frame not running, open your maker.ini, the one
in the main FrameMaker directory, in a text editor.  Find 
the [Spelling] section, and at the end of it is SmartQuotes:


which shows the actual quote characters.  Change it to:


which uses their numeric codes; this is actually specified
in the file, in a comment above that line that has the codes 
for several different languages.  Save and close maker.ini,
open FrameMaker, and enjoy.  

I had the same problem, and that solved it for me.

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
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