Thanks to everyone for the help. I had to do a repair using the disk.
Once I did this, the quotes re-appeared. Something must have been


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Jeremy H. Griffith <jeremy at> wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 17:22:34 -0500, Joel <eleysium at> wrote:
>>That didn't work either. My .ini file already was configured in the
>>way that you wanted me to configure it. Is there possibly another .ini
>>file that Frame is reading from?
> The second maker.ini is at:
> C:\Documents and Settings\yourloginname\Application Data\Adobe\FrameMaker\8.0
> But on my system, while it has a [Spelling] section, that section
> does *not* contain any SmartQuotes setting.
>>Is there a setting in the menus that I can tweak? Thanks,
> The other option is to turn smart quotes off, and use keyboard
> sequences to enter the quotes you want.  But it's a PITA...
> Here's what I posted about that back in October, before finding
> that maker.ini setting:
>>What you need to do is, first, turn off Smart Quotes;
>>in Format > Document > Text Options... uncheck the box
>>at the top left and Apply.  In FM8, it's dead; bury it.
>>Now, if you type a ", you get a ", the straight one.
>>If you want the curly one, type Ctrl-q Shift-R for
>>the left one, or Ctrl-q Shift-S for the right.  There
>>are other ways, but that's the fastest and simplest
>>method.  The pre-8 method of Ctrl-Alt-` and Ctrl-Alt-'
>>does *not* work; it gives you single quotes in FM8.
>>For single quotes, it's simpler.  Type a `, and get a
>>left curly single quote; type a ', and get a right.
>>Ctrl-q Shift-T and Ctrl-q Shift-U also work, if you
>>are using a non-English keyboard.  If you want the
>>actual straight character versions, you have to use
>>Ctrl-` and Ctrl-'.  That's the same as in FM7.
> For the record, I'm still using 8.0p273, because of the reported
> issues with p277 when it came out (posted on Framers).  That may
> make a difference.
> HTH!
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