Peter Gold wrote:
> Hi, Brian:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 9:21 AM,  <blamborn at> wrote:
>> Peter,
>> Thanks for the info.  I went back to double check what was going
>> on.  The tabs were not there. I manually inserted them. The
>> tabs/leaders work for Paragraph Designs (auto generated by Frame)
>> Heading2TOC through Heading 5TOC.  They do not work for Heading1TOC
>> (the top level).
>> The tab mark is there, and I checked to make sure that all of the
>> definitions in the Paragraph Designer were the same for all (tab
>> position and leader type).
>> I get nice leaders and page # placement for all except the top
>> level.
>> Any suggestions?
> * If a tab character is beyond (to the right of) its corresponding
> tab stop, it's ignored. Check that your top-level text isn't so long
> that it's causing this.
> * Verify that the rightmost tab stop is right aligned.
> * Verify that the reference page top-level prototype line contains
> the manually-inserted tab character, that the right-aligned tab stop 
> position falls within the body-page's text-frame width.
> * Verify that no nearby body- or master-page graphic or text frame
> has its runaround property ON - this can force the text to the left,
> which simulates the tab failing.
> * Regenerate the TOC.
> I'm out of ideas. ________________

One more!  Verify that there is only one TOC reference page.  Sometimes
a second one gets created, and it can make life very very confusing.

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