Thanks for the info.  I went back to double check what was going on.  The tabs 
were not there. I manually inserted them. The tabs/leaders work for Paragraph 
Designs (auto generated by Frame) Heading2TOC through Heading 5TOC.  They do 
not work for Heading1TOC (the top level).  

The tab mark is there, and I checked to make sure that all of the definitions 
in the Paragraph Designer were the same for all (tab position and leader type).

I get nice leaders and page # placement for all except the top level.

Any suggestions?


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From: "Peter Gold" <>
> Hi, Brian:
> Turn on View > Text Symbols to verify that there's a tab character to
> the left of the page numbers on the TOC body page, then:
> * If there is NO tab character on the TOC body page, on the reference
> page named TOC, if there is no tab character (looks like a greater
> than symbol) to the left of the <$pagenum> building blocks for each
> line that represents an entry level, you manually type a tab
> character at that spot. Then regenerate the TOC - FM creates the tab
> on the body page before the page number by "picking up" the one you
> type on the reference page.
> * If there IS a tab character to the left of the page number on the
> TOC body page, then the cause usually comes from the TOC reference
> page's text frame width being wider than the body page's text-frame
> width. If you've position the right-aligned tab stop at the right edge
> of the reference-page's text frame (the wider one), the tab character
> in the text frame on the TOC body page can't reach the tab stop.
> Regards,
> Peter Gold
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> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 10:52 AM,  <blamborn at> wrote:
> > I am working with FrameMaker 8 on a Windows XP platform. I have my product 
> interface in preferences set to FrameMaker.
> >
> > I have generated a TOC and am trying to set tabs to place the page number 
> > out 
> near the right edge of the page.  I have defined the tab stops, but when I 
> hit 
> the tab key the insertion point does not move.
> >
> > I have followed the steps laid out in the Help file to the letter and am 
> > not 
> having success.
> >
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Brian

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