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>I want to do two things:
>1-       link words in my FM document to my TOC in the same FM document

You can create a cross-reference to the "ContentsTitle" (or similar) 
paragraph, or you can add named destination to the ContentsTitle paragraph, 
and then add hypertext links pointing to that destination in the TOC file.
Adding direct links (cross-references or hypertext markers) to TOC entries 
is not recommended, as the supporting markers in the TOC will be deleted 
when you update/regenerate.

Have you considered including a bookmark to the Contents, so that it is 
available at the top of the list of bookmarks in the PDF?

[ a better yet approach is to provide direct access to related topics, as 
demonstrated in , but this 
is not supported natively with FM->PDF conversion ]

>2-       link external files to my FM document (i.e. have a word that
>says "Conversion Table" and when you click on it, it opens an excel
>spreadsheet or PDF of conversion table)

Earlier today, I responded to a similar question in the FrameUsers list:

>In the Special > Hypertext dialog box, type
>message openfile
>followed by the file name (or path/filename).
>For example:
>message openfile name.doc
>message openfile path/name.tif
>message openfile ../name.pdf
>Important: use a forward slash (and not a backslash) when specifying path.
>Upon conversion to PDF, these markers will create "Launch File" links.
>Unless pointing to PDF files, these links trigger the corresponding 
>security alert message (which can be suppressed by clicking the "Do not 
>show this message again" box, effective until Acrobat or Reader are restarted).
>Note: target PDF will open at the default opening page (typically the 
>first page).
>(With the FM-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on, you can define links/bookmarks 
>that control the opening location and the new window property, see 
> for examples)

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