Timing :(

First thing I would look for is a corrupt/badly formed graphic file.  
If you have any graphics in any specific chapter files, that is.

So what I'd do:
1, Try to print each chapter to ps (not direct to pdf) then manually  
distill them using Acrobat and see which one(s) fail.
2, When it/they fail in Acrobat you will see which pages successfully  
completed. The offending graphic(s) will be on the next page  
somewhere. You will also get an error log generated, although  
sometimes the messages can be somewhat cryptic unless you know what  
you are reading.
3, Remove the suspect(s) and repeat steps 1 and 2 until the file(s)  
complete successfully.
4, Replace or repair the graphics files accordingly.

On the other hand, if the FM 8 files are operating without incident on  
the source machine and the problem only surfaces on your machine, or  
files that have been exported for use on your machine, then are they  
using any plug ins that you do not have?


On 23/12/2008, at 10:43 AM, Emily Berk wrote:

> One of my colleagues is working for a company that is using Frame 8.
> He was having some problems generating a PDF, and, guess what -- his
> doc is due today.
> First thing he tried was to export his book and all its chapters to
> Frame 7.  I was not able to read a single one.

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