So, here's something exciting and interesting.

With the old book file, which I am keeping around just for jollies, 
you can print:

1.  A PDF of all pages 1 - 49 without fail.
2.  A PDF of all pages 10 - 258 without fail.
3.  A PDF of all pages 51 - 258 without fail.

But you cannot print a PDF of pages 1 - 258, nor can you print a PDF 
of pages 50 - 258.

So there is something magic about page 50.  Sort of.  Except that if 
I delete the current chapter that contains pg. 50 from the book, the 
Print to PDF still fails at page 50.

So, anyway, my solution was to create a new book file.  And it worked.

Thanks again for the encouragement and the help.

I'm hoping that Adobe becomes cognizant of the fact that when FM 
fails, it's often the tech writer who takes the fall.  In this case, 
I'm really concerned that my colleague's contract will not be 
renewed.  That would make it much harder for him/me to pay to convert 
my trial copy of FM 8 into a paid/registered copy.

If the contract is not extended, we will certainly wait for follow-on versions.

-- Emily

At 05:13 PM 12/22/2008, Matt Sullivan wrote:
>Will it crash if you produce the PDF's with 1 save,as separate files, then?
>How about Printing to the Adobe PDF driver?
>If you can get the individual PDF's produced easily then the "stitching
>together" should be simple with the Create PDF from Multiple Files command
>within Acrobat.
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>I have gone through and saved every chapter individually to
>PDF.  Every single one generated ok.
>But then when I try to gen the PDF, it only creates a text file that
>says that it fails on page 49.
>This is a HUGE doc.
>-- Emily
>At 02:21 PM 12/22/2008, Emily Berk wrote:
> >Yeah, there might be some psychotic graphics somewhere.
> >
> >I'm not really familiar with the doc, since I only have seen it for
> >a few hours.
> >
> >I will try to create each chapter into its own PDF as a
> >start.  Thanks for the suggestions.
> >
> >It's only time, and -- I read this on a Celestial Seasonings teabag
> >tag:  "When God created time, he created enough of it."  Not that I
> >don't have a bunch of other ways I might want to spend the unlimited
> >time I have.
> >
> >-- Emily
> >
> >At 01:59 PM 12/22/2008, Alan Litchfield wrote:
> >>Timing :(
> >>
> >>First thing I would look for is a corrupt/badly formed graphic file.
> >>If you have any graphics in any specific chapter files, that is.
> >>
> >>So what I'd do:
> >>1, Try to print each chapter to ps (not direct to pdf) then manually
> >>distill them using Acrobat and see which one(s) fail.
> >>2, When it/they fail in Acrobat you will see which pages successfully
> >>completed. The offending graphic(s) will be on the next page
> >>somewhere. You will also get an error log generated, although
> >>sometimes the messages can be somewhat cryptic unless you know what
> >>you are reading.
> >>3, Remove the suspect(s) and repeat steps 1 and 2 until the file(s)
> >>complete successfully.
> >>4, Replace or repair the graphics files accordingly.
> >>
> >>On the other hand, if the FM 8 files are operating without incident on
> >>the source machine and the problem only surfaces on your machine, or
> >>files that have been exported for use on your machine, then are they
> >>using any plug ins that you do not have?
> >>
> >>Alan
> >>
> >>On 23/12/2008, at 10:43 AM, Emily Berk wrote:
> >>
> >>>One of my colleagues is working for a company that is using Frame 8.
> >>>
> >>>He was having some problems generating a PDF, and, guess what -- his
> >>>doc is due today.
> >>>
> >>>First thing he tried was to export his book and all its chapters to
> >>>Frame 7.  I was not able to read a single one.
> >>
> >>--
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> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >Emily Berk
> >
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