> How can SnagIt capture an image at a higher resolution than what the screen
> is set to?  A 20" screen at 1280 x 1024, for example, is 96 DPI.  How do you
> get 200 DPI out of that?

Screen size (20") is meaningless, only the monitor resolution counts.
Again, referring to my last post, monitor resolution only counts if
capturing an entire screen.

A 1280x1024 image at 96ppi is 13.3x10.6 inches; at 200ppi it is 6.4x5.12
inches. As you can see, a full-screen capture is usually more than adequate
for most publications.

Dialog boxes, however, are another story. If a dialog box is only 400x300
pixels, it would only be 2x1.5 inches at 200ppi. Generally, it is better to
run the image at the default resolution (96ppi in this case). One can,
however, add extra resolution to the image, but that is usually detrimental
to the quality of the image. If I had to add extra resolution, I would avoid
bicubic interpolations and using nearest neighbor.

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