I always rely on savings/efficiency when touting a software purchase: 
What will this save the company? How will it improve efficiency, 
throughput,  or final quality to buy this thing?  In the case of the 
Adobe Tech Comm Suite, it's got a few advantages right off the top: 
even at list price, you're getting updates to FrameMaker and Acrobat 
for less than the cost of buying them individually, and you also get 
RoboHelp and Captivate as well.  (I think a lot more people should 
use Captivate.)

BTW, there are currently several listings for the Tech Comm Suite on 
eBay, two of which are significantly less than the suggested list price:

(There's also a listing that's $100 *more* than the suggested list 
price on the Adobe website.  Go figure.  :D)  Buying the product at a 
significant savings may be enough frosting on the cake to seal the 
deal on your proposal.

Yours truly,

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At 07:20 AM 2/18/2008, Ann Balaban wrote:
>Have any of you written a software purchase justification? I am trying
>to purchase
>the Adobe Technical Communications Suite and my boss says I'm missing a
>things in my justification. If anyone has any examples I could use, I
>would appreciate
>seeing them.
>Ann Balaban
>The T-System
>abalaban at tsystem

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