Keep in mind the "hit-by-a-bus" justification: if you get hit by a bus (or just 
need to bring on a contractor or a new hire), it is safer for them to seek a 
replacement who knows the current versions than to expect someone to be 
backwards-compatible with software they no longer use. It is more realistic IMO 
to expect someone who uses FM7 to move into FM8 than to expect an FM8 user to 
go back to FM7. After a little while you forget what changed.


From: on behalf of Ann Balaban
Sent: Mon 2/18/2008 1:49 PM
To: framers at
Subject: RE: Software Purchase Justification

I used the $$ numbers for justification. Just upgrading to FM8 and
Acrobat 3D is worth it. But he wants something else. We are going
to discuss it next week but I wanted to anticipate his requests
and already have it completed. I guess I should have mentioned this the
first time. Included in my request was:
- price justification
- fact that it will incorporate our company's training files in
- fact that it will also handle MS Word docs
- allows for publishing in multiple languages and formats, including
- allows reuse and leveraging of FM documents in the help project,
reducing time by...

His actual comment was
"Need to generate a biz justification. (you have like half of that

Thanks for the input I have received. I have gotten some ideas.


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