I had a similar challenge late last year and wrote a business plan for a
CMS. I believe I got the template from one of the vendors we decided
against (they're all very helpful when it comes to helping you sell
their software to upper management). 

Anyway, after the executive summary, I described the benefits, our
current situation, and why our existing tool-set wasn't helping us
accomplish corporate goals. 

The logistical part was the hardest. I had to address such concerns as:
* What other departments would be involved and how much so
* Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed resources (RACI)
* Staffing requirements
* Training and support costs
* Security and continuity issues
* Milestones and dates
* Quality assurance
* Financial aspects
* Statement of Work
* Comparisons with other researched solutions

It wasn't easy, but well worth the effort. The plan was approved and
we're in the process of negotiating the purchase with the vendor. Soon
the real work will begin, but frankly I'd be flailing with the effort if
I hadn't gone through the process of creating the business plan. 


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Have any of you written a software purchase justification? I am trying
to purchase

the Adobe Technical Communications Suite and my boss says I'm missing a

things in my justification. If anyone has any examples I could use, I
would appreciate

seeing them.

Ann Balaban

The T-System

abalaban at tsystem


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