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>Hi, Headley


>I didn't see a reply to your very interesting question on the 
>list... [FrameMaker 8 won't import SVG graphics correctly] ... did 
>you get any useful feedback privately?

An Adobe employee emailed me that this was a bug dating back to FM 
7.0.  The Inkscape-created graphic displays correctly in a number of 
SVG viewers, so it is definitely a FM problem.

I am beginning to think that grouped objects in SVG have a 
transparent fill and FM has never been able to handle transparency 
but translates it to white.  (Since FM 3.0; how about fixing it, 
Adobe?)  I will test whether it can be "fixed" by changing stacking 
order or using layers.  Also, it may render correctly to PDF as I 
believe Acrobat references the original SVG, not the pixmap or 
FrameImage conversion in FM.  Come to think of it, I specified that 
all graphics are to include a FrameImage facet, so perhaps switching 
that off might be a solution.  Watch this space for results of tests ...

>We've not moved to FM/DITA
>yet, ... but the lack of support for FM
>callouts would be unhappy if there is a problem with text in embedded

The nice part about SVG is that you can embed or reference PNG for 
screen captures and then add leader lines and callout text which is 
editable.  As it is XML itself, it can be imported into other XML 
editors and tools.  Since FM DITA does not allow compound graphics 
(e.g. an anchored frame containing two or three pixmaps, some text, 
and drawn lines and shapes), SVG seemed like a good way to go as you 
can double-click on the graphic and up comes Inkscape (or Sketsa, or 
Illustrator, etc.) to edit and save.

>Perhaps too simplistic, but what about embedding as a PNG rather than an

Inkscape (Sketsa, etc) saves to PNG so this is doable, just not as convenient.

>Or using another program other than Inkscape to add the callouts?

Illustrator, perhaps.

>Finally, though less optimally, what about handling it all in a bitmap
>format with the original text/callouts created at the correct size?

No way; what if you have to edit the text?

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