Original SVG from Inkscape consists of a screen capture to PNG plus 
some thin lines and some TrueType text.

@       Direct import of *.svg by FrameMaker = strange
         white rectangles partially obscuring part of graphic.
         Thickness of hair lines varies.
         Appears to embed graphic as JPEG, thus introducing
         all the usual edge contrast distortions.  FrameMaker
         document doesn't print to PDF via Adobe PDF virtual
         printer all that well.

@       Print to PDF from Inkscape via Adobe PDF produces a
         result similar to the above. When PFD imported into FM,
         JPEG distortion carried through to PDF printed with Adobe PDF
         from FrameMaker.

@       Save to PDF from Inkscape seems to encapsulate pixmap
         as PNG with NO artifacts.  When PDF imported into FM,
         quality of pixmap excellent, hairlines slightly thickened but
         all of even thickness, and type appears slightly bolder on
         screen.  When FM doc printed to PDF via Adobe PDF,
         resultant pixmpap + hairlines + type looks best of all.
         Type appears as its correct weight, so the thickening of
         type in FM is perhaps due to it being converted to a pixmap
         or FrameImage for display.

Recommendation:  When producing combination graphics in Inkscape 
consisting of embedded or referenced pixmaps, SVG vector objects, and 
text, save to PDF from Inkscape.  Then import the PDF as a graphic 
into FrameMaker.  This overcomes the prohibition against FM type 
combination graphics being included in XML files.  You might get a 
better result if the TrueType or PS fonts are converted to vector 
paths as this automatically "embeds" the "font" vector objects into 
the graphic.

Note:  Inkscape does not yet support SVG fonts but none of the 
editors do at this stage, so converting PS or TrueType to SVG  fonts 
not an option at this stage.  The Java-based collection of SVG tools 
called Batik can convert fonts to SVG fonts but what then if editors 
can't use them.  Handy for programmers, I suppose, creating forms and 
notices programmatically.

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