I have a document that I've added a number of cross references to.  I've
noticed that while the cross references work properly within FrameMaker,
clicking the hyperlink in the resulting PDF file does nothing:  many
hyperlinks are broken.

Upon further testing, I think the problem might be that I've changed the
destination paragraph tag after I created the cross reference.  In other
words, when I originally created the cross reference, the paragraph tag was
H1.  The cross-reference marker text is "12345_H1:MyParaText."  I've kept
that marker there, but changed the paragraph tag, say to H2.  When I
eliminated the cross-reference marker and added a new one, such that the
marker text is "56789_H2:MyParaText," the hyperlink does work in the
resulting PDF file.

Is this indeed the source of the problem?  Has anyone ever had this problem
before?  I've had mismatched paragraph tags and marker text before without
any problem, so this is surprising.  I didn't know if it might be related to
the number of cross references.  Is there a limit?

This is a major problem for me.  I've painstakingly added numerous cross
references to make my Help system (and PDF files) more usable.  Hopefully,
WebWorks will still produce the links properly, but I'm not sure that I want
to keep these faulty links in the PDF files.  However, removing and
reinserting markers for the paragraphs that changed tags would be ominous.
Worse, I now think that I can never change paragraph tags for a paragraph
that contains a cross-reference marker.  That would be a nasty limitation,
one that makes cross references less useful.

I'm using Frame 7.2p158 unstructured and Adobe Acrobat Distiller 8.1.2.
Could this possibly be a problem with incompatibilities between Frame
7.xand Distiller

Thanks for any insights.


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