Kelly McDaniel wrote:

> I upgraded to FM8, inherited some FM7 files with cross-book links. The
> output is all PDF. My xrefs nopw fail with "The file can not be found."
> I turned on "Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs" and respun,
> no fix.
> Any other ideas?

In order for cross-book cross-references to work, you *must* have all
of the referenced book files open in FrameMaker when you generate 
the PDF for the book that contains the x-refs. The component files 
need not be open--just the book file is enough. But without the book
file, FrameMaker has no way to locate the target of the x-ref to 
generate a valid link in the PDF. 

Also note that the PDFs will need to have the same relative locations
as the book files for the links to be valid. If the books are in different 
directories, you'll need to mirror that directory structure when you 
deliver the PDFs. If not, then Acrobat will not be able to find the 
target file when the reader tries to follow an inter-book link.

-Fred Ridder
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