Hi Lester,

Thanks for your email response and to the other email response I got
with similar suggestions.  These are all good suggestions about
controlling where or how much a single table will break across pages.  

My issue is that the second table sometimes breaks away from the first
table, depending on the pagination of each page. I want at least the
first two lines of the second table to stay together with the first
table in all instances.  The two tables are both anchored to the same
blank paragraph line.

We thought of putting the first table into an anchored frame inside the
top (straddled) row of the second table to keep both together in one
table.  But because of the amount of conditional text that we use, this
isn't an option either.  The anchored frame will not shrink or expand
automatically to accommodate the various conditional text versions, and
the documents are too long for us to adjust the anchored frames


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Theresa -

Is it acceptable to have the tables themselves break over page/column

You should check the Orphan Row setting (in the Basic tab of the table
designer) and change the value to a smaller figure, even down to its
minimum setting of 1.  Note that this is explicitly only orphan rows -
there is no "widow row" option, so you could get an initial single row
and then the balance of the table on the next page.  There is also the
possibility that the rows have a custom minimum height or Keep with
Next/Previous settings (both controlled via Table > Row Format) that
affect how a table breaks if necessary.

You might also reduce the cell margins of the table design, and also of
the paragraphs used in the cells (under the Table Cell tab of the
paragraph designer) to reduce the vertical space needed for the contents
of a row.

The table's Space Above/Space Below  properties may also affect

Finally, does the anchoring paragraph have its Keep with Next, or the
next paragraph the Keep with Previous, setting enabled?

On Wednesday, January 02, 2008 04:49 PM, Theresa Zamborsky wrote:

| Does anyone have suggestions of how to keep two tables (that use
| different table formats) together in Frame 6.0?  These two tables
| are both anchored on the same blank para. line, but sometimes the
| second table paginates to the next page.  Because of Frame scripts 
| that we use, the two tables need to remain anchored on the same
| para. line for the time being.  I already tried having the tables
| anchored to two separate para. lines and keeping those two para.
| lines together, but that breaks our Frame script.  
| Any suggestions would be appreciated.
| Thanks,
| Theresa

I hope this helps.

- Lester 
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