> On Wednesday, January 02, 2008 04:49 PM, Theresa Zamborsky wrote:
 > | Does anyone have suggestions of how to keep two tables (that use
 > | different table formats) together in Frame 6.0?  These two tables
 > | are both anchored on the same blank para. line, but sometimes the
 > | second table paginates to the next page.  Because of Frame scripts
 > | that we use, the two tables need to remain anchored on the same
 > | para. line for the time being.  I already tried having the tables
 > | anchored to two separate para. lines and keeping those two para.
 > | lines together, but that breaks our Frame script.
 > |

 >Theresa Zamborsky wrote:
> Hi Lester,
> Thanks for your email response and to the other email response I got
> with similar suggestions.  These are all good suggestions about
> controlling where or how much a single table will break across pages.  
> My issue is that the second table sometimes breaks away from the first
> table, depending on the pagination of each page. I want at least the
> first two lines of the second table to stay together with the first
> table in all instances.  The two tables are both anchored to the same
> blank paragraph line.

Are you saying that the 2nd table sometimes moves to the next page even 
when there is room for its first two rows below the first table?  Or is 
it the case that the 2nd table only moves when there is *not* enough 
room for its first two rows?  If the latter, I can't see a solution -- 
you can't put 6 gallons in a 5-gallon tank.  If the former, have you 
been able to determine what is causing the maverick pagination?

> We thought of putting the first table into an anchored frame inside the
> top (straddled) row of the second table to keep both together in one
> table.  But because of the amount of conditional text that we use, this
> isn't an option either.  The anchored frame will not shrink or expand
> automatically to accommodate the various conditional text versions, and
> the documents are too long for us to adjust the anchored frames
> manually.

Since you're already using Framescript, could you write a script that 
would resize the frames for this scenario?


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