Theresa Zamborsky wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> Yes, the second table will move to the next page when there isn't enough
> room on the bottom of the page for its first two rows.  We want to keep
> the two tables together in all instances (the first table with at least
> the first two lines of the second table).  So if there's not enough room
> on the page for the first table AND the first two lines of the second
> table, we want them both to go to the next page together.


Try putting a soft return (Ctrl + Enter) between the two table anchors, 
and set the second table to two orphan rows.  You may have to play 
around with the font size of the blank anchoring pgf, or use the 
negative Space Above/Space Below trick to get the white space right. 
But if your script can handle the soft return, I think this will work.


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