Gee, everyone is recommending breathing as a good first step.  Maybe we ought 
to write a self-help book about all the benefits.

Seriously, all the supportive responses have been very calming!

OK.  Here are my details:
System configuration

1.  I am using Frame 7.1.  I installed the p116 upgrade yesterday, because one 
of the tech notes recommended it.  The upgrade made no difference.

2.  I am using Acrobat Professional Version 7.0.9; Acrobat Distiller 7.0.7.

3.  The FrameMaker doc that is failing has existed in close to its current form 
since late September.  I can still generate PDFs from Word without a problem.

4.  MS Windows XP Version 2002, Service Pack 2

5.  Old, but not ancient Dell laptop.

I have been using essentially the same hardware/software system for the past 
two years now, with not too many problems.  Have not intentionally changed or 
upgraded anything in that time, but I note that when Frame starts, it seems to 
go out to the Adobe site and look for updates.  (Guess I should try to disable 
that feature, huh?)

PDF Generation Process

I am an old-fashioned kind of gal, so in order to generate a PDF, I routinely:

1.  Re-generate the document.
2.  Run Page-Labeler to re-paginate.
3.  File, Print Book, Printer: Adobe PDF, Generate Acrobat Data (check the PDF 
Setup properties), Print.

When this resulted in the scary Internal Error, I did try File, Save As, etc., 
which also resulted in the scary Internal Error.

After this, I tried pre-opening a variety of the documents in the book before 
attempting to generate the PDF.  Same error.

I also tried to generate other books from my backup drive, ones that had always 
worked previously.  Every document or book I tried to create as a PDF from 
Frame resulted in the same internal error. (Internal Error: 7104, 6063074, 
7693891, 0)

I rebooted between tries.

Some excerpts from the log files resulting from the crashes:

Internal Error: 7104, 6063074, 7693891, 0
FrameMaker 7.1.0 for Intel
Build: 7.1p116
Window System: MSWindows
Operating System: Windows NT 5.1 ( 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2) 
Generated on: Thursday, January 10, 2008 3:27:11 PM
To file: c:\program files\adobe\framemaker7.1\FrameLog_08.01.10_15.27.11.txt

Internal Error: 7104, 6063074, 7693891, 0
FrameMaker 7.1.0 for Intel
Build: 7.1p116
Window System: MSWindows
Operating System: Windows NT 5.1 ( 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2) 
Generated on: Thursday, January 10, 2008 2:25:55 PM
To file: c:\program files\adobe\framemaker7.1\FrameLog_08.01.10_14.25.55.txt

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

-- Emily

At 09:10 AM 1/11/2008, Flato, Gillian wrote:
>Take a deep, cleansing, breath.
>Now, tell us the following:
>1. What happens right before you get the internal error?
>2. What 3rd-party plugins do you have for Frame?  
>3. What kind of system are you using Frame on?
>4. How did you generate your PDF
>        a. Save as PDF
>        b. Print to PDF
>        c. Print to file, then Distill
>Thank you,
>Gillian Flato
>Technical Writer (Software)
>1550 Buckeye Dr. 
>Milpitas, CA. 95035
>gflato at
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>Subject: The dreaded Internal Error error meets the dreaded Adobe
>support, sigh
>Hi FrameUsers:
>I don't know why I thought this list was no more.  I'm glad that it is.
>Please help me with my FrameMaker 7.1 (yes, I know it's old; I am too
>and it's all the company I work for is willing to use and I need to be
>able to generate this one little PDF sometime within the next decade).
>Following is my latest tale of woe.
>I always forget why I always get queasy before calling Adobe's tech
>But then, once again, once my interaction with Adobe is complete, the
>nightmare has only just begun.
>Take today, for instance.  Well, it all started yesterday when I began
>to get Internal Error crashes when I tried to generate a PDF, any PDF,
>on any Frame file (not on Word docs) using FrameMaker 7.1.  Because I
>had a vague recollection of what it was like to interact with Adobe
>support, I didn't try that.  But I did try a LOT of other stuff.  For
>hours and hours.  All to no avail.  
>So, I decided to try to sleep on the problem, which wasn't a successful
>strategy for me.  I've had a number of these Internal Error issues come
>up in the past and they never, ever, never go away on their own.  
>Since sleep did not come, I chose to begin my Adobe nightmare early.
>Called tech support and spoke with about 3 or 4 perfectly nice folks
>whose English was very unclear.  
>They would have to ask their questions, oh, six or seven times before I
>realized that they were asking, for the seventh or eighth time, what my
>customer number or serial number or product .... was.  
>Eventually, (I was on hold and/or being transferred and then asked
>redundant questions about 45 minutes) I get to speak with someone about
>my problem.  He doesn't speak very good English, but I am given to
>understand that he does not DO FrameMaker support.  
>So now I'm on hold again for another very long interval.  
>And a guy picks up who DOES speak English.  And I explain my tale of woe
>-- no change on my end in terms of the software for at least 2 years.
>The doc is one I've been working on since last October at least.  
>I tell him the whole story and he lets me go on and on and then he tells
>me, in his good English, that he doesn't know anything whatsoever about
>But assures me that the guy who next picks up with both know FrameMaker
>AND be able to speak English.  So I'm on hold again for -- not all that
>long -- maybe another 8 minutes, but time has been ticking away.  
>Then a guy picks up and yes he does speak English and implies that he
>knows everything one might want to know about FrameMaker.  But he knows
>nothing about me.  
>SO, I have to re-iterate EVERYTHING again.  Customer number, phone
>number, address, hair color, eye color, preferred brand of beer, product
>serial number, tale of woe.  
>And then, after I'd re-iterated everything, he says, "FrameMaker 7.1 is
>no longer supported.  You need to search the knowledgebase or buy
>FrameMaker 8."
>THEY KNEW I WAS USING FRAMEMAKER 7.1.  Why did they just not hang up on
>me then?  
>guessing all those guys who didn't speak good English get paid to delay
>people like me by the minute.)
>DATABASE FOR Internal Error: 7104, 6063074, 7693891, 0
>And, no, the company I'm working with is NOT going to upgrade to
>FrameMaker 8 just because Adobe did some hidden "upgrade" to 7.1 that
>made it psychotic.
>Do I sound frantic?  It's probably just stress.
>Anyone have any suggestions?
>-- Emily
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