Thanks so much, Dov.

I guess I had turned myself into a developer a few years back and dropped my 
membership to the Frameusers list.  I should have tried it first, before 
picking up the phone.

How do I delete the Windows system font cache?

-- Emily

At 11:52 AM 1/11/2008, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>On behalf of Adobe, let me apologize for the runaround that you
>got from Adobe's Tech Support. As soon as I am done with this
>response, I will be forwarding your post on to our customer
>support escalation team. I don't know whether we do or don't
>still "officially" support FrameMaker 7.1 (I thought we did!),
>but either way, you should have immediately been connected
>with someone (1) who competently understands and speaks your
>language and (2) knows the product!
>There was no "hidden" update to FrameMaker 7.1 or any other
>version of FrameMaker or any Adobe product.
>I do recall various problems with "save as PDF" with
>FrameMaker 7.x causing crashes. The workarounds that tended
>to work for me included a combination of simply rebooting
>the computer or deleting the Windows system font cache and
>then rebooting the system (which also "solves" a missing text
>in output problem). Apparently, some interaction between
>FrameMaker, the PSCRIPT5 driver Acrobat plug-in, and use of
>the Windows registry by all these components can put the
>PostScript driver in a catatonic state.
>        - Dov

Emily Berk 

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