I would strongly concur with Art on this one. This problem of the
"changing bullet" is only one of a number of anomalies that one will
likely encounter migrating to FrameMaker 8 from any earlier release.

FrameMaker 8 uses Unicode. There is one and only one "code point" for
any specific character. In previous versions which in part relied on
Windows' internal character mapping and part of FrameMaker's somewhat
unusual own character mapping scheme, it was often true that using a
character code that did not map to a real character in the current font
resulted in a bullet character being displayed and printed. Thus, it 
was all too easy to create a paragraph format using a "bullet" that
was really a substitute for some other character. Moving to FrameMaker 8
and Unicode supporting all the characters in the fonts, such "accidental
bullets" (sounds like a gang war, right?) map into "real characters"
albeit not what you expect.

Migrating any existing documents to FrameMaker 8 should be done very
carefully, looking for such anomalies and fixing them at the paragraph
and character style level wherever possible.

Not fun, but reality!

Note that with FrameMaker 8, you can now use the OpenType Pro fonts with
their support small caps, lower case numbers, etc. - but such characters
no longer map the same way they did with Type 1 expert sets! Windows' 
Character Map utility will become your "friend" ...

        - Dov

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> From: David Kuhn
> Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 7:32 AM
> Thanks, Art. I'm not actually sure where to pick the character.
> In the Numbering tab of paragraph designer, Autonumber Format is selected and 
> \t?\t is showing in the
> building blocks field.
> When I have created new paragraph tags in the past for which I needed 
> bullets, I usually select an
> existing paragraph format that already has a bullet and then modify the other 
> properties.
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> Subject: Re: corrupted paragraph format from 7.2 to 8
> Most likely, whatever character you used for the bullet in 7.x has a
> different glyph attached to it in the Unicode supporting FM 8.x.
> "Fixing" it would involve picking a new character from a font with a
> lower mapping number that's the same in both 7.x and 8.x, such as the
> default bullet.
> Cheers,
> Art

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