Fred's suggestion would certainly work. And because it's a secondary
bullet, you could flag that with an increased indent and/or smaller
font size on the bullet itself (applied with a character tag).


On Jan 14, 2008 10:59 AM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> David Kuhn asked> Thanks, Art. I'm not actually sure where to pick the 
> character.
> > In the Numbering tab of paragraph designer, Autonumber Format is selected
> > and \t?\t is showing in the building blocks field.
> The building block for the standard bullet character is \b, which happens
> to be the very first itme in the buliding block pick list in the Paragraph
> Designer. You can certainly specify some alternative character, but that
> means you'll need to deal with the kind of character mapping issues that
> you are now seeing.
> > When I have created new paragraph tags in the past for which I needed 
> > bullets,
> > I usually select an existing paragraph format that already has a bullet and 
> > then
> > modify the other properties.
> IMO this is not a good practice unless you fully understand how the formatting
> is defined and implemented for the underlying style. If you don't have that
> understanding (or do not take the time to actually look at all its properties
> before cloning it) you wind up perpetuating earlier ad hoc or idiosyncratic
> formatting decisions. For example, it is more customary to control the
> horizontal position of the bullet by setting the first line indent rather than
> using a second tab stop. If you look at the "Bulleted" style in the default 
> new
> document (i.e., blank page) template, you'll see that the autonumbering
> is \b\t (a bullet aligned to the first line indent, followed by a tab) rather
> than \t\b\t, which would require two tab stops to be defined on the Basic
> tab of the Paragraph Designer.
> Fred Ridder
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