David Kuhn asked> Thanks, Art. I'm not actually sure where to pick the 
> In the Numbering tab of paragraph designer, Autonumber Format is selected 
> and \t?\t is showing in the building blocks field.

The building block for the standard bullet character is \b, which happens
to be the very first itme in the buliding block pick list in the Paragraph
Designer. You can certainly specify some alternative character, but that
means you'll need to deal with the kind of character mapping issues that
you are now seeing. 

> When I have created new paragraph tags in the past for which I needed 
> bullets, 
> I usually select an existing paragraph format that already has a bullet and 
> then 
> modify the other properties. 

IMO this is not a good practice unless you fully understand how the formatting
is defined and implemented for the underlying style. If you don't have that
understanding (or do not take the time to actually look at all its properties 
before cloning it) you wind up perpetuating earlier ad hoc or idiosyncratic 
formatting decisions. For example, it is more customary to control the 
horizontal position of the bullet by setting the first line indent rather than 
using a second tab stop. If you look at the "Bulleted" style in the default new 
document (i.e., blank page) template, you'll see that the autonumbering 
is \b\t (a bullet aligned to the first line indent, followed by a tab) rather
than \t\b\t, which would require two tab stops to be defined on the Basic
tab of the Paragraph Designer.  

Fred Ridder

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