Thanks Richard,

This is great information, I think the task would be daunting to create my
own index of figures, and I'm not certain of the value. 
The probable resolution to my issue is to include the "Figure 1-12" in the
LOF as opposed to just the text of the caption. This would help the reader
orient the figures to the chapters which would probably be more than

In a future project, I will incorporate your suggestion in index of markers.
Great stuff!

Thanks again

Pete Rourke
Chandler, AZ 

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Pete Rourke wrote: 

> I started from the book add>List of > Figures using the 
> paragraph tag, Caption, but I have not figured out how to put 
> this into the reference page (like what the standard index 
> does) to do the alphabetical sorting.

If you want alphabetical, you need an index. Unfortunately for you,
there is no built-in index of figures or tables (if there were, it would
probably alphabetize on the autonumber that's usually used for
figures/tables -- "Figure 1 ...," "Figure 2 ..."?). 

You can make your own index of figures, but it's a bit of work. In each
Caption pgf, you need to insert a marker. Either define a custom Marker
Type for the purpose -- say, "Figure" -- or use one of the built-in
types that you don't currently use -- say, "Subject" or "Comment." The
Marker Text for each marker should be what you want in the index. If
it's the complete text of the Caption pgf, just select it all and FM
puts it in the Marker Text box of the Marker dialog. (This entire
process could be scripted, of course.)

Once all the markers exist, at the book window, select Add > Index of >
Markers. In the Set Up dialog, move the marker type you used to the
Include list and click Add. Voila!


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