Thanks Richard,

I started the LOF with the <$paranum> and then started looking for
alternatives that started this chain of communications. (Very
I have gone back to where I started from with the numbered figures. I
actually do cross reference by them all through the book.


Pete Rourke
Chandler, AZ

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Frank Stearns wrote:  

> > (This entire process could be scripted, of course.)
> Or, you could use IXgen to do this in just a few moments. You 
> can create markers from specific para tags, such as those 
> used for the captions; and you can create markers of whatever 
> type you wanted (including those you define yourself).

<smacks forehead /> D'oh! I must not have had enough caffein this

I use IXgen for indexing and love it. I just completely spaced out that
you can automagically create markers (any kind) from/for all instances
of a pgf format. Sorry, Frank! 

Pete, IXgen will not only solve your problem quickly and easily, it'll
make many index-related tasks far, far easier, too. I highly recommend

Although if I were you, my first priority would be adding <$paranum> to
the LOF spec. I'm really surprised you aren't including the number
already. I don't think I've ever seen a list of numbered figures that
didn't include the number. You cross-reference them by number, don't
you? ("See Figure 3-2")


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Polycom, Inc.
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rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom


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