Absolutely great advice. I'm learning new tricks.

I have gone back to putting the <$paranum> in the LOF, which is sufficient.

Thanks again

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Pete Rourke wrote:
> FM8 Windows XP
> I started from the book add>List of > Figures using the paragraph tag,
> Caption, but I have not figured out how to put this into the reference
> (like what the standard index does) to do the alphabetical sorting.
> Is there a special marker for figures?
> I have 2 pages of 2 col generated List of figures (screenshots) and when
> indexed are sorted in the order of the pages in the book.
> Is there a way to have them appear alphabetically like the generated
> index?

Others have already replied with lots of good advice.  I'll just add 
that a work-around, if you want to sort the list you have, would be to 
convert it to a table, one cell per paragraph, and then sort the table. 
  It's a maintenance headache of course, nothing automated about it, but 
it would accomplish what you ask.


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If it makes things work more easily, why isn't it called lubrican?

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