Thanks all:
I tried it on my laptop and it worked just perfectly as Syed shows below.
I did it on my desktop special keyboard, and found that control-q was mapped
by another application for a different purpose.
I shut down the other application, rebooted the machine, and now it works
perfectly there as well.

I told you it was a dumb question!!

Thanks everyone for your responses.


Pete Rourke
Chandler, AZ

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When I press "control-q", then let go, then hold "shift" and press "0"
key for the letter ")", I get the Copyright symbol every time.

On a WinXP system (with FM 8, though).

A guess: are you perhaps not pressing the shift and 0 keys (together),
after letting go of the control-q?


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> This has to be the dumbest of questions to this prestige group.
> In appendix b of the FM8 is says copyright should be control+q )
> On a WinXP system I get anything but a C
> I must not be holding my mouth rightJ
> Any clues?
> (ducking for cover)
> Pete Rourke
> Chandler, AZ

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