If Richard's solution doesn't fix, try verifying your Master Page frames
have Sideheads off as well (all of 'em)

If that doesn't fix it, you might want to investigate your Text Inset files,
though I doubt it's that deep.

-Matt Sullivan

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Rene Stephenson wrote:

> Somehow, one of the container FM files got some setting changed that
> all the text frames in that one file have sideheads. Now, our
templates for
> the container file do have sideheads on the master pages for the body
> frames, but if that were the source of the problem, one would think
that it
> would impact *all* the files, not just this one. I have been going
> this file and selecting each individual text frame that's within an
> anchored frame and setting the Object Properties to disable "Room for
> sideheads." But, then I noticed something odd...
> Graphics (imported by ref) in the text inset files do NOT show the
> frames within the anchored frames as having sideheads, but when I
> now" on the text inset, it puts room for sideheads on the graphics in
> sideheads when I select to use the source formatting, but it shows NO
> for sideheads when I use the container formatting...which completely
> puzzles me, since all the graphics in the container file are showing
> undesired sideheads for the text frames in anchored frames.  So, this
> backwards/illogical to me.
> Anyway, if someone can just tell me what the setting is at the doc
> properties or formatting level that switches sideheads on/off for all
> frames in a FM file, I can just make sure it's set that way in both
> and container docs and move on...

I'm not even sure I understand the description of the text inset
behavior. :-} But maybe I can help with the side head setting issue. 

The Room for Side Heads check box is in the Customize Text Frame dialog
box, but it's not actually a text frame property. It's a _flow_
property; notice in the dialog, it's part of the Flow settings on the
lower right. 

Your main flow (body pages) is probably set to Flow Tag A. If you turn
on Room for Side Heads for any frame with a given flow tag, it's on for
_all_ frames with that flow tag (I'm not sure how FM behaves regarding
frames with no flow tag). 

So take a look at the flow tags for a few of the problematic text
frames. That might shed some light on what's happening. 



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