The easiest way to do this is to have the tab pages in separate files
and insert them into book in the appropriate places, not to try to
include them inside a letter-size file.
You can adjust the page and chapter numbering so that they are chapter
components by adjusting the Numbering properties of the files in the
book file. If the large pages fall in the middle of a chapter, you can
split the chapter into sub files with the tab page in the middle --
again, fixing the numbering at the book level.


On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Mollye Barrett <mollye at> wrote:
>   Hi All,
>   I'm sure this has been asked and answered but I'm on a short lead...
>   I have a book that is 99% 8.5 x 11. However, there are also a few
> 17 x 11 (drawing foldouts) that go in to the book at the end of
> chapters. Right now, it appears that I have to choose one size when I
> render (PDF settings) and insert the 17 x 11 pages manually.
>   My goal is to put all the files in one book and render the PDF to
> the two page sizes without manual intervention. Is this possible? If
> so, how?
>   Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated!
>   Mollye Barrett

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