I have a FrameMaker question for you.
Our product names consist of two letters, a hyphen, and some numbers, e.g., 
AB-1234. I always use a non-breaking hyphen (inserted by typing the 3-letter 
sequence: Esc, -,?h) because I don't want the name to split onto two lines if 
it's positioned at the end of line. However, when I try to do a global search 
for all instances of the product name, the "Esc - h" sequence doesn't work in 
the Find text box. Typing that key sequence becomes -h and the Esc is ignored, 
and Find looks for AB-h1234. Even when I copy an instance of the name from my 
text and paste it into the Find text box, it doesn't work. Find just treats the 
- as a regular -, not a non-breaking hyphen. Same problem with replace. Can't 
type text with an Esc sequence into the Change text box. The kludge I use is to 
search on just the numeric portion of the name, e.g., 1234, and deal with the 
AB- part manually. But this is time-consuming. Any ideas?
Emmy in Roseville


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