Plueckhahn, Lutz wrote:

> My customer asks whether it's OK to provide the screenshots for his
> in png
> format. I have no objections, so far, but just to be sure: are there
> particular
> drawbacks/shortcomings/pitfalls I have to consider regarding this

I've been using PNGs for all screen shots for several years, and I think
they're great. As Berny noted, indexed (palette) color PNGs are a
nuisance, and there is relatively little reduction in file size compared
to 24-bit (true) color. 

Tell your client to choose true color format (a.k.a 24-bit color or
"millions of colors"), not 256 colors, and you should be happy as a
clam. :-) (If they've already given you 256-color PNGs, you can convert
them to 24-bit in most graphics programs.)


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