> This is only a guess because I am not familiar with Vista, but I would 
> first
> check what version of Acrobat Distiller is installed. I see you are 
> running
> Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0, but Framemaker 7.x requires Acrobat Distiller
> 7.0. This is separate from Adobe Acrobat itself and can be installed via
> your Framemaker CD. (And, yes, this small discrepancy can cause all sorts 
> of
> FM surprises).

I don't know about using Save as PDF. I don't use it, since so many have 
problems with it. (I print directly to the Adobe PDF printer instance.) But 
FM 7.x works fine with Acrobat 8.0, if you put the .joboptions files in the 
right place.

> If you do not have Distiller 7.0 installed, try removing and then
> reinstalling FM and choose "Yes" when the installer prompts you with the
> option to install Distiller 7.0.

Don't put multiple instances of Acrobat Distiller and/or Adobe Reader on the 
same computer. I'll save Dov Isaacs of Adobe the time of jumping in by 
quoting a portion of his previous note:

"Although (very unfortunately), it is PHYSICALLY possible to
have multiple versions of Adobe Acrobat concurrently installed,
concurrent versions of Adobe Reader concurrently installed, or
some combination of versions of both Acrobat and Reader installed,
the truth is that the architecture of these programs and the
underlying operating system services used by same really only
fully supports installation of only one version of EITHER Adobe
Acrobat or Adobe Reader on one system at one time. - Dov"

Mike Wickham

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