Ah, I see now that the underlying issue was not adequately explained to me
(by Adobe last year). Thanks for this information.

I don't know about using Save as PDF. I don't use it, since so many have
> problems with it. (I print directly to the Adobe PDF printer instance.) But
> FM 7.x works fine with Acrobat 8.0, if you put the .joboptions files in the
> right place.

My suggestion to try the older Distiller was not intended as a final
solution, but a test. I apologize for not being clear. Also, I forgot about
this admonition against multiple instances, so I thank you for the reminder.

> Don't put multiple instances of Acrobat Distiller and/or Adobe Reader on
> the same computer. I'll save Dov Isaacs of Adobe the time of jumping in by
> quoting a portion of his previous note:
> "Although (very unfortunately), it is PHYSICALLY possible to
> have multiple versions of Adobe Acrobat concurrently installed,
> concurrent versions of Adobe Reader concurrently installed, or
> some combination of versions of both Acrobat and Reader installed,
> the truth is that the architecture of these programs and the
> underlying operating system services used by same really only
> fully supports installation of only one version of EITHER Adobe
> Acrobat or Adobe Reader on one system at one time. - Dov"

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