Hi Mike,

Yes, I know about the official incompatibility of Frame 7 with Vista. Until
my company is able to upgrade, I've managed to kludge along with what I have
to work with. Thanks anyway for the reference.

I attempted to hand-create the proper path for the joboption files in Vista,
but Vista helpfully announces that it will move any folders named "Documents
and Settings" to the C:\Users folder. I may be stuck creating bookmarks by
hand until we can upgrade to Frame 8. 

Thanks again,

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> I'm having trouble using the Save As PDF feature. Here is the relevant
> version information:
> Windows Vista
> Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0
> Framemaker 7.0, unstructured

According to the following document, FM versions before v8.0 are not 
supported with Vista.: 

Also, could your problem be related to the location of your Distiller 
.joboption files? Acrobat 8, puts them in a different location than previous

Acrobat versions, but FM 7 came out before Acrobat 8. So it still looks in 
the old location. You have to copy the .joboption files to the spot where FM

7.0 looks. Acrobat 8 puts them in "C:\Documents and Settings\All 
Users\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings" and "C:\Documents and 
Settings\<user>\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings." I forget where 
previous Acrobat versions placed the files. Perhaps someone else will chime 

Mike Wickham


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