At 07:46 AM 7/16/2008, Matt Sullivan wrote:
>If memory serves, you can import both formats & EDD into the conversion
>table to automatically apply both. If not, I'm sure I'll be corrected in a
>matter of moments!

   Not quite. You can import them into the unstructured documents. While 
theoretically it's only necessary to apply a conversion table to an 
unstructured document once, while you are debugging the conversion table, 
it's helpful to see the results without having to import element 
definitions for each test. Importing the element definitions into the 
unstructured document means that they will be in each structured vesion 

   To get back to Wim's original question, the easiest way to import 
formats and element definitions into many documents is probably to create a 
book containing all the files, select all files in the book, and then 
import templates and element definitions. No need to save the book if you 
do not need it for anything else.


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