Jerilynne Knight wrote:
> Set up part 1: Create a paragraph tag to hold the anchored graphic
> I use separate tags for many things, including anchored tables and anchored
> graphics because it provides more control when converting to other formats,
> such as help. In Frame 7.x, the smallest font size is 2 points, so I use
> that to take up as little extra space as possible. ...


Very thorough instructions!  But there's a way to avoid *any* extra 
space for the container pgf:  set its Space Below to a negative number, 
and set the Table's Space Above to the same negative number.  The table 
will overlap the containing pgf exactly, without even a 2-pt gap.

The negative number can be any value as long as its absolute value is 
larger than the font size of the containing pgf.

This method has the second advantage of leaving the containing pgf's 
pilcrow symbol visible (a 2-pt pilcrow is not).  You can set a font 
colour for the containing pgf as well, to make the pilcrow stand out 
even more -- very useful when the pgf is empty.

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