Thank you Fred for explaining the "why."  And thank you to Jerilynne
for explaning how to turn tables into graphic capsules!

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at> wrote:
> Deirdre Reagan asked:
>> Does anyone know why FM automatically makes Table captions but not
>> Figure captions?
> Tables are well-defined encapsulated objects, and one of the properties
> that is defined is an optional Title object. If you define a table format
> to include a Title object, every table that you assign that format to
> will have a title frame to contain your title string. But you can also
> define a table format that does not have a Title.
> Figures, on the other hand, are not uniquely defined objects. There are
> at least three different methods that are commonly used to insert a
> figure (an anchored frame in the text flow, an unanchored frame in a
> fixed location on a page, or in an anchored frame in a table cell), so
> there is no single place where a caption property could be defined to
> apply in all cases.
> But a potentially workable solution is to always encapsulate figures in
> a single-cell table, since tables *do* have a defined Title object. This
> does limit flexibility somewhat regarding horizontal positioning (tables
> have their own logic of how and when to span columns and sidehead
> areas), but also has a few small additional benefits, like making it
> very easy to globally or individually add/remove border rulings around
> figures, and providing facilities for encapsulating notes with the figure.
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