I run FrameMaker on my Mac laptop on a Windows virtual machine using  
Parallels software. It's a little slower than in a straight Windows  
environment but worth it to me because FrameMaker is the only thing I  
need Windows for. I run everything else in the Mac environment and  
share files between the two with no problems.

VMware makes a similar product called Fusion but I haven't used it.

Pat Christenson

On Jun 19, 2008, at 6:51 AM, Rene Stephenson wrote:

> Hi All,
> My PC laptop is beaten up so badly it's barely stable anymore, so  
> it's getting time to start the process of identifying the next  
> workhorse for me. (Yes, I am rough on a laptop and rely on it very  
> heavily. Any testimonials of your laptop successes are more than  
> welcome!)
> I have gotten rather irritated with Microsoft since Vista came out,  
> and I really am reluctant to get a new PC laptop due to it shipping  
> with Vista and all the exponentially increased hassle factor that  
> will entail. Frankly, I don't have time to spend 30 minutes per  
> product just to load the software and get it functional by jumping  
> through all the hoops required now. I "get" that it's piracy  
> protection, and I "get" the concept and am not trying to circumvent  
> any copyright laws, but it really just feels like my time and purse  
> are being taxed because of other people's lack of ethics.
> I have some friends who have moved to the Mac platform for their  
> laptops, and they swear by them. All the IT gurus I know swear by  
> Unix/Linux and open source development. But, then I get the cold  
> water splashing in the face: the majority of my computer use is  
> work related, and the majority of that work is done in FrameMaker,  
> and FM seems viable only in PC world.
> Am I missing something, or is this really the trap it seems to be?  
> If I'm going to continue working with clients whose environment,  
> architecture, workflow, and staffing all revolve around FrameMaker,  
> am I forced to concede to all the baggage that comes with the PC  
> world? Or is there a viable way to use FrameMaker on a new Apple  
> laptop/notebook/etc., or on a Linux laptop, seamlessly with FM  
> files saved by and shared with FM PC users? I can't risk hosing  
> anything in these single-sourced shared-file environments...!
> Thanks in advance,
> Rene L. Stephenson
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