Just to clarify, you CAN'T buy a Mac with Windows XP. At least, not
directly configured that way from Apple. A third-party store might be
selling one with some virtualization software to go along with XP.
Although, with Boot Camp, I suppose there COULD be a store selling one
with Windows pre-installed and NO virtualization software included.
Still, Apple doesn't promote this as something available at their stores
or via the Web, AFAIK.

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> Rene Stephenson wrote:
>> I have gotten rather irritated with Microsoft since Vista came out,
>> and I really am reluctant to get a new PC laptop due to it shipping
>> with Vista and all the exponentially increased hassle factor that
>> will entail.
> I purchased a laptop with Vista last October. I am THIS CLOSE to
> chucking it and getting a Mac.
> It's probably worth switching just to avoid Vista. If you can get XP,
> great, but if your choices are a) Vista or b) Mac, I'd definitely go
> with b, speaking from personal experience.

FrameMaker for Mac stopped at 7.0, which leaves the issue of buying a
MacTel with Windows XP before the deadline at the end of June.

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