Fine-tuning the layout as the very final step before print is really the
only place where such overrides are acceptable.  Then, when starting the
update for the next edition, import formats from the template (or
document itself) and remove overrides so you are back to only using the
defined formatting again until it's press time.

I avoid many of these overrides by defining a special "Page_Break"
paragraph tag that has a very small (6 pt) font size, zero space above
and large (999 pt) space below.  I can insert this BEFORE any item that
needs to be forced to a new page, and not resort to applying a "top of
page" setting as an override to those items.  Of course, this still
suffers the possibility that added text earlier results in an undesired
'extra' page break. 

If I am reading your request correctly regarding keeping lines of text
together, that is controlled by FrameMaker's Widow and Orphan setting.
FM will not split a paragraph if it has fewer than twice this number of
lines, e.g. if the Widow/Orphan value is 7, then a paragraph has to have
at least 14 lines to be split over a column/page break (as fewer lines
would not allow both 7 widowed lines and 7 orphaned lines.)  The
downside is that you cannot specify different settings for widows and
orphans, it is a single choice for both.

Finally, I don't understand your statement "You can't Next Pgf a single
paragraph" - can you clarify what you mean?  It certainly seems
possible, but would be an override, which you're trying to avoid or at
least minimize. 

On Friday, June 27, 2008 10:42, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Hi all, good morning.
| FM 8.0, XP.
| This is really a best practices question.
| A couple of weeks ago, there was a discussion about overrides, and how
| they should be used rarely or not at all.
| So I thought about that and started to watch our use of overrides.
| We use overrides all the time.  For instance, if a figure would be
| better placed at the top of the next page, we create that override
| (our figure tag is set at Anywhere).
| We also used Top of Page when we want to keep a paragraph from
| breaking over two pages.
| Is it really preferable to create a paragraph tag for each instance of
| formatting?  I'd end up a lot of one-time-use-only tags.
| Also, most of these overrides occur in the editing process, after the
| content has been established and we are focused on making the document
| look professional.  Should I be creating tags as I edit the document,
| rather than override the existing tag as I make layout decisions?
| A second question, now that I'm really thinking about this:
| I'm really bothered by the Top of Page as an override, because if we
| add text to the front end, that override is going to force a Top of
| Page we might not want.  But I haven't been able to find a "keep
| together" option, like Word has for keeping lines of text together.
| Next Pgf is similar, but it works differently in significant ways.
| You can't Next Pgf a single paragraph, for instance, but you can keep
| it whole without forcing it to the top of the next page in Word.
| Anyway, any comments and insight into the override / editor's role /
| tidying up the document / is there a "keep together" issue would be
| most welcome!
| Thanks,
| Deirdre

- Lester 
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