Whites wrote:
> Hello All
> Using FM 7.1/7,2 on Win XP sp2.
> I'm able to resize any dialog box in FM to any arbitrary size - even  
> much larger or smaller than the active region within the dialog. (I'm  
> not being very descriptive here.) Say the active region (entry  
> fields, lists, etc) is 2 x 3. I can extend the dialog to some absurd  
> size, say 7 x 9, leaving large ugly blank areas to the right and  
> bottom of the active area.
> My recollection was that this did not happen back on FM5.5 on the  
> Mac, but seems to be current standard misbehavior on the PC. This  
> happens on  two different PCs, one running 7.1 the other 7.2/
> Just an aesthetic thing, but annoying.
> Can this be fixed in some configuration file?

Hi Will,

I can't speak for the situation on the Mac past or present, but what you 
need to do on a PC is download ResourceHacker and make permanent changes 
to FM's dialog boxes by modifying fmdlg.dll in the fminit folder.


(You will, of course, remember to back up fmdlg.dll first, won't you...)

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