Whites wrote:
> Hi Stuart 
> Any specifics on the changes that should be made, or would they be 
> obvious to one of my P++ conversant buddies?
> Will

Hi Will,

It's a fairly intuitive interface.

Once you locate the offending dialog box, you can change it by editing 
the numeric values in the text listing, or more easily, click "Show 
Dialog" and just drag borders or control handles to resize as you 
please.  I do recommend changing the FONT size and/or name in some 
dialog boxes (the Edit_Markers box, for instance -- what a joy to change 
from 8pt to 10pt and be able to read your marker text!!).

Remember that some dialog boxes contain objects that may appear only in 
certain contexts, so if you change the size/position of other objects, 
be sure to allow room for the contextual items to appear.


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