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Dear Framers

We are entering a $paranum for both TOC and index (IX) entities. It
works, however, it applies the most recent autonumber format not the one
specifically assigned to the paragraph tag.

Hopefully more clearly stated:

We are trying to count work packages (chapters-files)(WP 0001 etc) using
a specific autonum assigned to the WP Number paragraph tag. This tag is
at the beginning of each document. The problem that we are encountering
is that any autonum occurrence that is previous to the TOC tag or IX
marker is reflected in the respective generated files instead of the WP
Number assignment. The autonum counters <n>, <n+> etc. work. That is not
the issue. We want the WP Number assignment to carry into the TOC and IX
as opposed to any autonum occurrence that happens to be previous to the
TOC tag/IX marker

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