Hi Harold,

The $paratag[FormatName] building blocks work in cross-references, but they 
don't work in indexes or tables of contents.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Earlier message was:
> Dear Framers
> We are entering a $paranum for both TOC and index (IX) entities. It
> works, however, it applies the most recent autonumber format not the one
> specifically assigned to the paragraph tag.
> Hopefully more clearly stated:
> We are trying to count work packages (chapters-files)(WP 0001 etc) using
> a specific autonum assigned to the WP Number paragraph tag. This tag is
> at the beginning of each document. The problem that we are encountering
> is that any autonum occurrence that is previous to the TOC tag or IX
> marker is reflected in the respective generated files instead of the WP
> Number assignment. The autonum counters <n>, <n+> etc. work. That is not
> the issue. We want the WP Number assignment to carry into the TOC and IX
> as opposed to any autonum occurrence that happens to be previous to the
> TOC tag/IX marker

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