Truthfully, I'd use Oxygen rather than Blaze for an XHTML editor. Or 
I'd use a couple of other apps, which even when taken as a group are 
less expensive than would be Blaze. And have a learning curve that 
isn't as steep. The requirement to design isn't one that I would give 
to all authors, though the input of data I would, and that can be 
done with text editors, much as is done with Arbortext apps.


At 9:54 AM +1100 3/20/08, Hedley Finger wrote:
>Blaze the FrameMaker killer?  Don't make me laugh.
>What about a named style for everything?  What about smart
>cross-references?  What about variables?  What about advanced search
>and replace for anything?  What about diagnostic reports?
>XHTML, not even XML.  No DITA.
>Adobe will be able to have a good laugh and sink back into its
>customary state of complacency.
>Frame killer?  Frame tickler.
>And I wanted so much for it to be an advanced XML-based editor with
>CSS3 page layout styling, or even a nifty XSL-FO styler.  Breathe
>easy Arbortext.
>P.S.  But if I want an advanced XHTML editor for my web site, this
>baby will do.
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