Hi Geoffrey,

I'm not an expert on graphics but I've had success in the past using the
"Save as HTML" function in both Frame and Word. Taking this option saves
each image as a graphic file.

In Frame, you can choose between GIF, JPEG and PNG as the graphic
format. Specify which one to use on the HTML Options dialog (Utilities >
HTML Setup - Options button).

I'm not sure what format Word uses or whether you have a choice of

Phil Heron
Technical Writer - CODA

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Hi Framers,

A posting some weeks ago mentioned a utility that could extract graphics
copied into FM files and restore them in their original format. I should
have been paying more attention at the time, but can someone remind me
what that utility is called? (I'm hoping it can do a better job than

BTW: does anyone know of a similar utility that can pull graphics out of
MS Word documents?


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