Hi Neeraj:

I'll answer this one because I'm working with text insets currently, so 
they're on my mind.

A text inset is different from a text frame. It is text that resides in a 
separate file and can be used in one or more FrameMaker files. You insert 
the text inset by placing your cursor in the target file, and choosing 
File > Import > File and browsing to the location of the text inset file. 
If you change the text at the source, this automatically changes in the 
destination. This is very handy for bits of text that are exactly the same 
in many manuals, such as copyright notices.

That's just a quick answer off the top of my head. You can get lots more 
information from the FrameMaker manual; just search for text inset.

Fei Min

Neeraj Jain <neerajjain8 at yahoo.com> 
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05/02/2008 03:14 PM

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What is a text inset?

Hi All,

I am learning FrameMaker 7.1. I have many times coming across posts 
mentioning text insets. I am confused. What is a text inset and how to 
insert it? Is a text insert different from a text frame? Please pardon me 
if my question sounds foolish.

Smile because it turns on everyone.
N. Jain 

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