Actually, you don't need an anchored frame, but you do need an anchor in
both the text inset file and the container file to anchor the text inset
into the text flow. And, Rene is correct - for optimum results, a text
inset must use the exact same formats (paragraph, character, etc.) as
the container file into which it is imported. Dennis, I work with text
insets all the time and have done many presentations on them. If you're
interested, I can send you a presentation (PPT and chapter) that details
all the ins and outs of text insets. Just let me know.


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The source can be a .txt file, and you can format it as per the
container (target / destination / display) document's formats. You can
insert it pretty much anywhere in the text flow. You don't need an
anchored frame. But, if you use an FM file as a text inset, it works
better if you make the first line of text in the text inset to be
whatever format you use as content / paragraph / body text. Sometimes if
the text inset ends with an auto-numbered format, things can get tricky,
if you're not inserting it in a similar format, but it just depends on
how your paragraph formats are set up and what kind of file you're
inserting and what your text inset settings are. Fiddle around with the
import options to get a feel for it.  :-) 

Rene L. Stephenson

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I have used FrameMaker on and off for several years. However, I've 
never taken advantage of text insets. So I too have several questions:

Must the source text be located only in another FrameMaker file?

Does it require a special text frame in the target document, or can 
it be placed in-line in the main flow, say Flow A, in the target

Dennis Brunnenmeyer
At 12:31 PM 5/2/2008, Fred Ridder wrote:

>N. Jain asked:
> > I am learning FrameMaker 7.1. I have many times coming across 
> posts mentioning text insets. I am confused. What is a text inset 
> and how to insert it? Is a text insert different from a text frame? 
> Please pardon me if my question sounds foolish.
>A text inset is a text flow that is contained in some external
>FrameMaker file and that is inserted by reference rather than
>by copying. It is exactly parallel to inserting the contents of
>an external graphic file by reference rather than by copying
>and pasting.
>Text insets offer an advantage when you have chunks of text
>that appear in multiple places, either in the same book or in
>different books, but need to have the same content in all
>instances. You maintain one master copy of the content and
>insert it by reference in any file that needs it. This can be
>particularly useful for things like legal "boilerplate" (disclaimer
>paragraphs, trademark acknowledgements, etc.), common
>notices or warnings, or any piece of description that is used
>in multiple places. Another advantage is that the appearance
>of the inset is determined by the style definitions in each
>different file that references the inset; you may have the same
>text from the same source file with markedy different appearance
>in different books.
>Note that I referred to an inset as a text _flow_ that is inserted
>by reference. In many cases may be convenient to have each
>inset in its own FrameMaker file, but there may be cases where
>it's more convenient to use multi-flow files to contain multiple
>separate inset chunks. For example, you may have one file that
>contains a half-dozen named flows, each of which contains a
>different warning paragraph.
>-Fred Ridder
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