Compared to your time, books are cheap.

And you're allowed to own more than one. ;-  )

If you learn anything from them and also use them for reference, buy
whatever you can find and read them. If you get one or two nuggets
from any of them, you're ahead.


On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 11:33 AM, Deirdre Reagan
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> Hi all:
>  I know this topic was just covered, and I've searched for it in the
>  archives, but I'd like also to get your opinions.
>  I've been told that Framemaker:  Classroom in a Book is an excellent
>  resource for learning FM.  But on Amazon, the reviews are very poor.
>  Framemaker 7:  The Complete Reference by O'Keefe has good reviews, but
>  it doesn't seem to be available anymore.
>  Framemaker 6: Beyond the Basics by Jahred has outstanding reviews but
>  it also is no longer available.
>  Any suggestions?

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